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Remote Field Inspection

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Project Overview

Remote Field Inspection is a property inspection portal/app that can be accessed by both clients and property inspectors. When a client gives the inspector an inspection task, the application receives the request and stores it in the client’s job orders. The Remote Field Inspection application assigns the work to the available inspector according to the time, day, and date scheduled by the client. The assigned inspector accepts the request and carries out the inspection process. When the job order is completed, the inspector saves all the data and images converted into reports to the application in the form of a survey. After submission, the quality control staff reviews the reports and evaluates the job order. This report can then be accessed for review by the client.

Key Benefits


Cuts out the travel time and reduces the environmental impact


Examines property status with accuracy and integrity


Assists in completing property appraisals and leasing documents remotely


Everything can be completed with a smartphone, no other device is required


Allows the inspector to submit a faster report

Features Of Remote Field Inspection

Client Portal:  to assign the task of an inspector to inspect your property.
Account Representative Portal: Representative is the point of contact once the client is registered in Remote Field Inspection. This portal helps resolve all of a client’s questions regarding the task.
Staff Quality Control Portal:  When a job order is completed and submitted in Remote Field Inspection, the QA staff member reviews the work and evaluates it if it successfully meets the client’s requirements.
Inspector Portal:  When a job order is assigned, the inspector can accept the job order, send an appointment link and video call link to process the inspection, and upload the inspection details to the app. During the appointment, the inspector and client can also message for questions about the property.
Sub Inspector: Once the job order is received, the inspector has the option to assign another sub-inspector under him to perform the task on his behalf, or to accompany him to help him complete the assigned job order.
Admin portal:  is a web-based tool for creating and managing client and inspector portals from job order to in-app reporting.
Dispatcher Portal:  A dispatcher portal is a tool that acts as a communication bridge between the client and the assigned inspector. This portal keeps all updates regarding instructions, deadlines, and other things to process and complete an inspector’s task.
Vendor Manager Portal: This portal is for internal use to control tasks and provide excellent customer service. Sends the inspector an email notification when a client assigns a job order, and the inspector will send the appointment link to the client to complete that task.

The client can be a regular client that assigns the inspector inspection jobs, or a SaaS client who has additional features such as their own portal theme. The SaaS client could act as their own inspector to carry out the assigned task. 

Integrate with 3rd party platforms such as ADE, EZ, UPAMS and Value Link to create a job order and manage the job order inspection process.

The client can message the inspector during the job order inspection regarding property-related questions.

Work with SurveyMonkey for Surveys to create reports.

Invoices are issued monthly or depending on the configuration of the system to the job inspector and quality control staff. The payment request is also sent to the client after the completion of the job order process. 

Designing Of Remote Field Inspection​


Web Application Development


Mobile Application Development







Creation and maintenance of 8 portals in total


Generating reports on single and multiple job orders


Management of the generation of dynamic forms for job orders


Integration with various platforms like UPAMS, Value Link, EZ, ADE to manage the creation and processing of the job order and QuickBooks for managing invoices

Partnership Model​


We work on an offshore-onshore model where our dedicated offshore team of professionals (Sculptsoft Experts) works closely with clients i.e. the onshore team, to design a seamless inspection journey, from assignment to reporting


Committed to providing professionals with several skill sets that are rightly needed in the project for hassle-free, smooth, and satisfied client’s journey.


Creating an operating model to elevate the workforce with equal rights and responsibilities


Billing cycle is based on hourly rate per resource.

Technologies Used


  • Stripe
  • Survey Monkey
  • Quick Books
  • AWS Storage
  • Value Link
  • EZ
  • ADE
  • SendGrid
  • Twilio

  • MS SQL
AWS Infrastructure and Services

  • S3

  • BitBucket
  • Jenkins

  • .Net Core
  • HTML/JS/JQuery
Analytics Tools

  • No Analytics Tools Used

  • .Net Core(Code First Approach)
  • Apache Kafka
  • RabbitMQ