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Project Overview

Our client, a leading Digital Media Company in the USA, is a prominent player in the digital publishing industry, holding extensive (more than 70%) digital rights to a wide range of books. With a focus on enhancing the online reading experience for users, the client sought to revamp its existing web application. The goal was to provide a seamless and engaging platform for readers across various digital platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books, Kobo, and others.

Traditional Process of Conversation Summarization

Low user retention due to a lack of user-friendly flow and responsive design.
Performance issues leading to slow load times and poor search capabilities.
Scalability challenges with a growing user base and book inventory.
Inefficient marketing campaign management tools.

Challenges in Traditional Process

Performance and Scalability:
Inventory Management:

-Difficulty managing a growing user base and book inventory without compromising performance.

Web Application Performance:

-The web application was design-rigid and less flexible, which made it difficult to add/update the designs/changes quickly.

-It suffered from slow performance, when handling a large volume of data, leading to non-responsiveness and slow content loading.

Limited Reach:

-The basic website had a restricted reach, limiting the client’s ability to attract a wider audience.
Marketing Campaign Management: Exporting Data from Database: Campaign data export from the database was a manual process, requiring multiple exports for any data changes.
Manual Campaign Data Preparation: Campaign data preparation was a manual task, leading to repetitive data and accuracy issues. 
Importing Data to Marketing Tools: Different marketing tools required different data formats, leading to significant manual effort in data generation and import.
Customer Engagement: Engaging customers beyond the point of sale was challenging, impacting customer retention and loyalty.

Our Solution

Enhanced User Experience: Introduced multiple genre-based websites for a tailored user experience, enhancing user retention.
Scalability and Inventory Management: The solution was designed to be highly scalable, and capable of handling a growing user base and a vast inventory of books without compromising performance.
– Even with a significant increase in users and inventory, the system efficiently managed the load, ensuring a seamless browsing and purchasing experience.
Marketing Campaign Management: We developed in-house marketing tools that allowed the client’s marketing team to create and run different campaigns with various filters and user-specific targeting.
– Integrated Sailthru and other marketing tools for marketing campaign management.
Content Management System (CMS): A CMS was implemented to update the website based on different genres and manage website content efficiently.
Enhanced Search and Performance: Advanced caching techniques and Agrolla search were implemented to enhance the platform’s performance, enabling quick responses and efficient search capabilities.
SEO-Friendly Content and Links: Optimized content and links related to books for SEO, resulting in increased visibility and usage.
– This includes structuring URLs with descriptive keywords, implementing structured data markup for books and related content, optimizing images with relevant alt attributes, and ensuring mobile responsiveness and fast page load times. Canonical tags should be used to avoid duplicate content issues, and internal linking should be strategically employed to connect related pages. Additionally, using CMS we were able to deliver regular updates of content as freshness is crucial for search engine visibility and user engagement.
Mobile Responsiveness: The platform was made fully responsive, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices, including smartphones and tablets.


The transformation of the client's online store resulted in a wide range of benefits:

Revenue Growth: The client experienced a significant boost in usage, surpassing the performance of its previous basic online store within the first year
Global Reach: By leveraging the revamped platform, the client expanded its market reach globally, reaching customers worldwide.
Cost Efficiency: By The solution resulted in cost savings from reduced overheads associated with the previous website, improving the client’s bottom line.
Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers appreciated the improved user experience, leading to higher satisfaction and increased loyalty.
Competitive Advantage: The client gained a competitive edge in the market by embracing digital transformation and adapting to changing consumer preferences.
90% reduction in delays/loading time
Human error reduced from 7.5% to 1%
80% efficiency increased in search
75% improved customer feedback

Features Implemented for Campaign, Marketing & User Retention

Campaign Management:
– Create and manage marketing campaigns for books.
– Filter and search existing campaigns for efficient management.
Book Nomination: Nominate books for inclusion in marketing campaigns.
Opportunity Title Report: Generate reports on book titles with marketing opportunities.
Priority Title Report: Generate reports on priority book titles for marketing focus.
Newsletter Deals Recommendation: Provide recommendations for book deals in newsletters.
Service Request Management: Create and manage service requests for various platform needs.
Slot Configuration: Configure slots for book promotions and sales.
Campaign Type Configuration: Configure different types of marketing campaigns.
Promo Price Configuration: Set promotional prices for books during campaigns.
Book Management: View and edit book details for marketing purposes.
Firebrand Report Generation: Generate reports using Firebrand for marketing analysis.
User Management: Manage user accounts and permissions within the system.
Author Social Data Integration: Integrate social data for authors to enhance marketing insights.
Retailer Link Generation: Generate retailer-specific links for book promotions.

Technology Stack


  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MUI

  • NodeJs
  • ExpressJs

  • MongoDB

  • AWS
  • AWS S3
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • CloudWatch
  • Farget
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Lambda
  • ECS
Third party Integration

  • Algolia
  • Sailthrough
  • Firebrand

Search Index Diagram

Cache Diagram